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The European Advanced Medicine Hospital (EAMH) is one of the most technologically advanced Medical Centers in Southern Europe. We understand that there are many unanswered questions in the field of medicine. Health problems without the right approach ultimately fall into chronicity and increasingly complex syndromes that involve and overlap with different organs and organic systems.

We believe there are no patients but people, and there are no diseases but imbalance and health decline. Our work and research are directed towards recovery and state of balance through the repair and regeneration of organs and their functions, as well as disease prevention to help us maintain health and physiological capabilities. We prevent diseases before they strike, that is our main target.

In considering the entirety of a patient's condition, and taking into account both the psychic and somatic sphere, we arrive at an accurate diagnosis that helps us understand the cause of a problem, why it occurs, and how we can treat it. For this endeavor, EAMH uses the most advanced medical technology along with our highly qualified team of professionals navigating different disciplines.

We are innovative and at the forefront of the latest advances in medicine, including cell therapies, growth factors, minimally invasive microsurgery, nanotechnology applied to medicine, translational, integrative and orthomolecular medicine, medical ozone therapy and antiaging.


EAMH offers a broad range of treatments within its Marbella Centers.


We focus on molecular biology research and tissue reengineering to replace or regenerate human cells, and cure tissue and organ damage.


We practice targeted medicine to cure and inform patients about genetic, biological and environmental factors that may be triggering inherited diseases.


We perform MIS with little damage to patients, and practice with high-tech laser in covering aesthetics and anti-aging fields of therapy.


Our GPs within our General Medicine branch prevent, diagnose and treat acute and chronic diseases, while providing preventive care to patients.


Our specialists are, above all, highly qualified physicians. We are also experts in acupuncture treatments and medically-tested Chinese medicine, offering the best and highly innovative acupuncture and musculoskeletal procedures. No matter how severe your discomfort is, our renowned treatments will ease the problem and restore your body to its perfect health status.


In addition to our wide range of advanced treatments, our gynaecologists bypass harmful hormonal treatments that come with heavy side effects, instead using advanced laser bio-stimulation to diagnose, cure and ensure the recovery of the vaginal mucosal function, and returning the vagina to its original elasticity and lubrication.


With an unmatched success rate, EAMH maintains a proven track record of being the leading practitioner in pain management. Worldwide patients visit our medical centre specialized in advanced medicine to experience fast and exceptional recovery in all areas of joint pathology and arthritis, making our unique treatment methods highly recommended.


According to the CDC, heart disease, cancer, and stroke are among the top four causes of death, and diagnostic radiology is key to treating these deadly conditions. EAMH radiologists are well-trained doctors who perform specialized medical imaging procedures with state-of-the-art medical equipment to obtain images of the internal parts of your anatomy.


It’s all in your DNA. Your genes tell us everything, not just whether you are blond or tall, or have light eyes, but also the hereditary diseases that will manifest later and affect your quality of life. EAMH puts this knowledge at your fingertips, through a wide range of DNA testing and the advice of our genetic experts who are up-to-date with advances in processing, storing, and visualizing genetic information.


Our advanced urology healthcare experts treat mild to life-threatening conditions affecting the kidney, bladder, and urinary tract, putting an end to your suffering at great speed and efficiency and beating traditional hospitals by providing more reliable answers.


Dra. María del Mar Luque Fernández

Dr. Maria del Mar Luque is a renowned specialist with more than 20 years of experience in Surgery, Regenerative and Aesthetic medicine. She is an expert in stem cell therapies, having graduated with a BA (Cum Laude) in Medicine and Surgery, before obtaining various Master’s degrees surrounding the field of Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Manuel Martín Gómez


Dr. Martin is an expert general surgeon with upwards of 30 years in his respective field. Prior to demonstrating his medical expertise at EAMH among various reputable medical institutions, he achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Hispalense University of Seville

Dr. César Arroyo Romo


Dr. Arroyo is a highly esteemed specialist in advanced laser therapy in Spain, having supervised and performed numerous successful procedures with exemplary results. Among his academic record is a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Dr. Alfonso Galán


Dr. Galan brings unique speciality in sports, muscular, and joint injuries. He obtained his Degree in medicine and Surgery from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, before pursuing another highly specialized Bachelor’s degree in MSK Ultrasound.


Hosting upwards of 130 nationalities, Marbella is known for its wellness and recreation qualities, with picturesque landscapes offering the best of Andalusian culture and history. With a population of 140,000, the city expands to a 500,000 due to a reception of guests from all walks of life and corners of the world. As such, the beach town is known for its cosmopolitan features, increasingly drawing professional, specialist labor like our highly-skilled EAMH staff, and forming a multicultural industry for residents and visitors.

Our beaches, labyrinths of cultural paths, nightlife, shopping and renowned cuisine, and the overall calm, relaxing effects might be what you need to recover from the burdens of everyday life.

You can spot our EAMH facility in the heart of Elviria in Marbella, conveniently placed in the centre of the lively residential vicinity, with easy airport, bus and train station access.

"Our EAMH Facility in the Heart Of Elviria"

  •  Offers a wide range of renowned treatments.
  •  Fully equips our highly-skilled EAMH staff.
  •  Is best at anticipating and preventing.
  •  Provides better, more reliable answers.