About EAMH

Based in Marbella our Premium Clinic, European Advanced Medicine Hospital is one of the most technologically advanced medicine centers in Spain.

We have developed breakthrough treatments that successfully treat the most severe diseases. Examples include, fistulas and anal fissures in Crohn’s disease, knee or shoulder treatments in our Regenerative Traumatology Unit

For us, there are no patients but people, and there is no disease but imbalance, loss of health status. Our work and our lines of research are aimed both at the achievement of the recovery of the state of balance, through the repair and regeneration of the organs and their function, as well as the prevention that helps us to maintain and not lose the physiological situation of health and vital fullness.

Who We Are?

We are innovative and at the forefront of the latest advances in medicine, including cell therapies, growth factors, minimally invasive microsurgery, nanotechnology applied to medicine, translational, integrative and orthomolecular medicine, medical ozone therapy and antiaging.

What We Do?

Our work and research are directed towards recovery and state of balance through the repair and regeneration of organs and their functions, as well as disease prevention to help us maintain health and physiological capabilities. “We prevent diseases before they strike”, that is our main target.

Our Services

We focus on molecular biology research and tissue reengineering to replace or regenerate human cells, and cure tissue and organ damage.We practice targeted medicine to cure and inform patients about genetic, biological and environmental factors that may be triggering inherited diseases.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Manuel Martín Gómez


Dr. César Arroyo Romo


Dr. Alfonso Galán