Unlike most medical clinics, our advanced medical centres are home to current and former patients, providing valuable care and attention to your aesthetics needs and concerns, while addressing the problem with secure and advanced solutions to bring you back to your perfect and healthy shape. Our established medical professionals specialize in all disorders that impair your appearance, using unique and globally renowned minimally invasive techniques for skin and body form rejuvenation.

  •  Botulinum toxin
  •  Chemical peeling
  •  Microneedling (Dermapen)
  •  Cutaneous bio-stimulation and revitalization
  •  Mesotherapy (facial and body)
  •  Hair Treatment
  •  Cellulite and localized fat

  •  Non-surgical rhinoplasty
  •  Cheekbones augmentation
  •  Chin augmentation
  •  Cell therapy Bio-stimulation
  •  Lip Augmentation
  •  Facial Fillers. MD CodesTM
  •   Tear trough treatment
  •   Dark circles removal
  •   Scars and stretch marks
  •  Hand rejuvenation
  •  Neck and neckline rejuvenation
  •  Facial blemishes, spots, & pigmented lesions
  •  Hyperhidrosis (hands and armpits)
  •  Non-surgical lifting