Get rid of harmful stress through a luxurious, therapeutic reception

An airport welcome, and a limousine drive through popular Malaga landscapes to your spectacular Hotel Villapadierna Thermas. You will be welcomed by our hostess bearing a healthy secretrecipe cocktail, before you are shown your impressive suite. From here, you may enjoy a therapeutically calm environment as you disconnect from all worries.
You will be taken around the adults only hotel soon for a spa treatment, with an attached doctorsprescribed massage, a herbal infusion and a meal cooked by Malagas finest chefs to make you feel more at home.

Finally, you will make first contact with your assigned doctor for a preliminary consultation, before retiring to your bed.


Regenerate damaged cells and give your body another chance

While medicine generally offers temporary solutions to chronic pain, we permanently ease your suffering. Our stem cell therapies are one of a kind, renowned for successful treatments in all areas of pain management. Our procedures are miniinvasive, with minimal postsurgery recovery period.


Experience restorative pain relief with non-invasive medical therapies

Absorb the benefits of minimally invasive injection therapies, with IV drips transferring vital nutrients and pain management medication into your body for immediate use. Our experts conduct biopuncture injection therapy to effectively supply specific, essential drugs through your skin and muscles to support your natural repair mechanisms, and later conduct a safe Perineural Injection Therapy to provide you trauma or diseaserelated pain relief.


Boost pain recovery speed with advanced laser remedies

Advanced medical practitioners around the world practise our laser therapy techniques in fighting chronic pain. By enhancing metabolic activity, our noninvasive therapy will minimize all scars from traumarelated pain, revitalize ineffective cells, and eradicate your pain while ensuring a swift recovery.


Benefit from medically-regulated 100% oxygen exposure

We know that oxygen is essential for crucial bodily functions and healing. Therefore, our medical centre exposes your bodys cells to up to three times the normal intake for quick absorption of the O2 into your bloodstream to influence the reduction and eradication of pain as well as painrelated swelling.


Review the success of rejuvenation with a healthier, pain-free body

Realize the benefits of our thorough regenerative medicine and chronic pain treatment programs, with a medical review of every transformative process. Once youre happy with the results, youll be chauffeured back to your hotel by your personal driver before your final, relaxing drive to the airport.

"We prevent diseases before they strike"

  Integrative and orthomolecular medicine

  Integrative and orthomolecular medicine

  Highly qualified team of professionals

  Nanotechnology applied to medicine

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