IntimaLase® is a unique Erbio YAG Laser therapy for non-invasive photothermal tightening and rejuvenation of the vaginal wall without surgery. It performs a total rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa. Without an additional hormonal treatment, you can recover a young mucosa, smoother and moisted and the patient can return and increase the pleasure in your sexual realities as a before.

The treatment is an efficient, easy and safe procedure against overstretching of the vaginal wall during childbirth and natural aging. Fotona Er.YAG non-ablative laser improves the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen growing and synthesis of new collagen fibres in the vaginal mucosa tissue and endopelvic fascia. The aim would be collagen neogenesis and the tightening of the vaginal wall.

The procedure is safer, faster and patient-friendly solutions that avoid the complications. The outcome shows a tightened vagina wall, and a meaningful enhancement in the quality of the patient life.


IncontiLase® is a revolutionary treatment that comes to end the annoying leaks that many women suffer as a result of childbirth or the onset of menopause. It’s is a non-invasive Erbium YAG Laser therapy that offers the best outcome, according to mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence. It can happen when coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercising and causes feelings of discomfort and insecurity in women who suffer from it. The conventional terahpy is based on pelvic physiotherapy and surgeryin in the most serious cases, but nowadays the most advanced and with better outcomes is the vaginal laser treatment. The Treatment procedure required around three sessions with 4 – 6 weeks in between, 30 minutes and painless treatment, with and no discomfort or downtime after it. As it knows, in women, the vagina is back of urethra, so the principles of this treatment consist in reinforces the vaginal wall in front between urethra and vagina, stimulating the mucosa skin of vagina. Improvement of the linked tissue between them and consequently


Vaginal atrophy is a thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal canals due to the body having less estrogens. It’s occurs most often after menopause, and we can diagnose it by various tests like a pelvic exam, urine test, or acid balance test. . RenovaLase® is a unique laser procedure to treat the vaginal atrophy by inducing mild laser and controlled heat of vaginal tissue, which arouses angiogenesis, fibroblast activity, including of new collagen formation without thermal or ablative damage. The outcome is increased epithelial thickness as well as vascularization of the lamina propria, along with a reduction of symptoms such as dryness itching dyspareunia and irritation.


ProlapLase® is the laser solution for the pelvic organ prolapse (POP), years ago POP was a very common problem for many women. There were some procedures available as a treatment for this problem, between them surgical method and others methods like holding some weight but always they had associated with problems and side-effects. Prolaplase is a unique non-aggressive Er.YAG laser treatment, replacing the current procedure for POP. It uses non-ablative photothermal effects of Fotona’s Smooth mode to tighten the tissue and contract the vaginal wall.The POP grade is significantly reduced after the initial session and it improves on further sessions. This treatment is very comfortable, safe and no painfull giving to patient best results, high range of satisfaction and no downtime. Courtesy of Dr.

The latest scientific results show that Fotona’s novel thermal laser treatment is an effective and safe non- invasive option for the treatment of POP:

  • The average POP grade was signi cantly reduced already after the rst session(Fig.1).
  • The POP continued to improve with further sessions (Fig. 2).
  • Treatment discomfort was very low (mean VAS score 0.4)and patient satisfaction high (median 4 on 1-5 scale).
  • There were no adverse events reported.