Get to know yourself in a luxurious, joyful, and relaxing period

An airport welcome, and a limousine drive through popular Malaga landscapes to your spectacular Hotel Villapadierna Thermas. Youll be welcomed by our hostess bearing a healthy secretrecipe cocktail, before youre shown your impressive suite. From here, you may enjoy a therapeutically calm environment as you disconnect from all worries.

Youll be taken around the adults only hotel soon for a spa treatment, with an attached doctorsprescribed massage, a herbal infusion and a meal cooked by Malagas finest chefs to make you feel more at home.

Finally, youll make first contact with your assigned doctor for a preliminary consultation, before retiring to your bed.


Get to know yourself in a luxurious, joyful, and relaxing period

A warm airport welcome, a limousine ride along famous Malaga mountains, and a destination at the magnificent Hotel Villapadierna Thermas, where youll be greeted with kind welcome by our hostess, and a taste of our healthy secretrecipe cocktail. From here, its time to see what your luxury suite looks like, to disconnect from the world, listen to your body and mind, and relax. Youll be taken through the adults only hotel to the spa with a complementary massage, before later enjoying a savoury herbal infusion. Then, browse through the hotel menu designed by Malagas finest chefs. Once satisfied, youll make first contact with our doctors for a preliminary consult, before turning in for the night.


Determining if your biological age exceeds your chronological clock

One way our specialists will assess the quality of your health is determining if your body is older than you are. When a smoker frequently inhales carbon, their internal organs age faster. On this day, youll learn the secrets to your biological clock according to your habits after deep telomeric length analysis. Our specialists will then guide you in keeping you healthy in all age measures, soon completing the analysis process.
In this final allday hotel regime, our doctors will additionally assess the general health of your body with essential medical instruments including but not limited to ECG, and continue to monitor your dietary, exercise, yoga and spa treatment progress. This day will provide our medical professionals a great insight into who you are before we dive into greater depths.


Ridding the blood of unwanted toxins in a thorough, healthy cleanse

We combine theory and practice to produce tangible, clear results before your eyes. Our clinical experts will coach you towards a perfect health routine to carry you beyond the program. Well again administer Chinese relaxation techniques to give you an unforgettable healing experience, and later, youll undergo chelation therapy to expel toxic and heavy metals from your body.
Perhaps most notably, youll bear the fruits of our luxury hyperbaric oxygen therapy to dramatically enhance your bodys natural healing processes.


Take more than your fair share of earth's oxygen for better health

Liked the effects of your previous serotherapy? The good news is the follow up, which comes after noticing the success of the first. But before that, youll undergo an additional coaching session by our clinics psychotherapist and other experts in building and maintaining your health in the long run. Then, its time to further benefit from the effects of serotherapy and our luxury hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These will continue to reinforce your bodys healing mechanisms for faster stem cells and other treatment recovery.
Afterwards, youll rejoice in yet another Chinese relaxation session for superb peace of mind.

"We prevent diseases before they strike"

  Integrative and orthomolecular medicine

  Integrative and orthomolecular medicine

  Highly qualified team of professionals

  Nanotechnology applied to medicine