A homely welcome, with a splendid mix of healing activity

An airport welcome, and a limousine drive through popular Malaga landscapes to your spectacular Hotel Villapadierna Thermas. You’ll be welcomed by our hostess bearing a healthy secret-recipe cocktail, before you’re shown your impressive suite. From here, you may enjoy a therapeutically calm environment as you disconnect from all worries.

You’ll be taken around the ‘adults only’ hotel soon for a spa treatment, with an attached doctors-prescribed massage, a herbal infusion and a meal cooked by Malaga’s finest chefs to make you feel more at home.

Finally, you’ll make first contact with your assigned doctor for a preliminary consultation, before retiring to your bed.


A homely welcome, with a splendid mix of healing activity

A luxury limousine pick-up, the splendid view of Malaga, and finally – Hotel Villapadierna Thermas, a striking location in the heart of the famous city, where our hostess will receive you with a taste of a healthy, exclusive cocktail.
From here, it’s time to recover from a lengthy journey within the confines of your magnificent suite before a complimentary medically-prescribed massage, an exclusive herbal infusion, and a special meal made by top chefs.
Then, it’s time for your initial contact with our renowned doctor for a medical consult, before the implementation of the first stage of your anti-aging treatments and general overview and briefing on upcoming programs.


Realize who you are according to your biology

A day of revelation, we’ll initiate profound tests and analysis, including ECG, to get a sense of your general health. A telomeric length analysis will determine if your biological age is within its healthy limits, alongside vaginal cytology to gain a microscopic examination of collected cells. We make deep observation of your genetic code to fight illnesses you’re predisposed to.
Chinese medicine and acupuncture overseen by our renowned Dr. Luque, a specialist in traditional and modern Chinese medicine and practices, will open energy channels and prepare you for more tests and procedures, before further pelvic floor reinforcement and a coaching session by your personal therapist.


Revel in the soothing science of physiotherapeutic healing

Ongoing medical consultation by your assigned doctor helps assess the great state of your progress. Following this, our chelation therapy will rid your body of dangerous particles and potential harmful diseases. Finally, our luxurious and relaxing hyperbaric chamber will induce our unique oxygen therapy for easier blood circulation and faster healing, leaving no side effects.


Absorb advantageous health benefits of reverse-menopause gains

Reunite with your psychotherapy and coaching regime to acquire mental and physical ease, prior to a final serotherapy session to complete immune reconstruction and strengthening for faster and painless recovery. Finally, an extravagant feel of a hyperbaric chamber is the last thing the day asks of you.

"We prevent diseases before they strike"

  Integrative and orthomolecular medicine

  Integrative and orthomolecular medicine

  Highly qualified team of professionals

  Nanotechnology applied to medicine

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